The most unexpected celebrity couples of recent times


There’s been a change in the wind in Hollywood, and celebrities we thought we had figured out are now crossing aesthetics, genres, interests, and generations to surprise us with A-list combinations that sound like they were randomly plucked out of a hat. Some of these unlikely celebrity romances might be a reflection of the completely unpredictable times we’re living in, where life and death situations have become fearfully closer, and thus where people are no longer wasting time with preconceived notions and anything other than what makes them feel good. These celebrities are embracing love where they find it, whether that means taking a romantic chance on an old best friend or going on a date with someone completely out of their normal sphere. In what seems like a pop culture mad lib, Avril Lavigne has just confirmed her romance with rapper Tyga at Paris Fashion Week, sealing the deal with a kiss on March 6. The pair were at a party for actress Hunter Schafer’s new campaign with Mugler, and they reportedly held hands and showed some unabashed PDA. The public kiss comes almost two weeks after a spokesperson for Lavigne confirmed that she and musician Mod Sun called off their engagement, which began in 2022. Her ex-fiancé was however surprised at the news of their split, as though they’d been on and off for a while, his rep said on February 21 the two were “engaged as of three days ago when he left for tour so if anything has changed, that’s news to him.” Lavigne and Tyga were spotted at a nightclub and leaving a restaurant in the same car soon after, and now they’re leaving no room for speculation. Click through to see the most unexpected relationships of the past couple years.

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