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‘Suicide can happen to anyone and any age’: Warning signs to look for

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Every year, one in six Albertans will seriously consider taking their own life and more than 400 will die by suicide, according to the University of Alberta.

Yet, we rarely discuss this.

There’s still a stigma surrounding suicide, according to Kristin Pilon, a facilitator with the Provincial Injury Prevention Program through Alberta Health Services.

“People don’t necessarily feel very comfortable talking about it because of that stigma that goes along with suicide, and so when we have these conversations, it can really help to break down that stigma,” she told Global News.

“Suicide can happen to anyone and any age. So if we recognize or if we see that those that we care about are struggling, it’s important just to have that conversation and check in and see and ask what’s going on.”

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Reasons for considering ending one’s life vary, Pilon said.

“There’s not one thing or one feeling that people might have when they’re thinking about suicide, but generally, they feel like there’s no hope and that their situation is not going to get better,” she said.

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