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Payette scandal sours Canadians on perks, expenses for former governors general: Ipsos

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A clear majority of Canadians believe former governor general Julie Payette should receive neither a pension nor an expense account given her unprecedented early resignation from the post amid workplace bullying allegations, a new poll suggests.

According to the poll, done exclusively for Global News by Ipsos, 80 per cent of Canadians say Payette should not receive a pension while 72 per cent say neither she nor any other former governors general should get expense accounts after leaving office.

What’s more, the poll found that support for Canada’s ending its ties to the monarchy has risen to the highest level in a decade.

“It’s not often that we ask a question in which we get 80 per cent of the population agreeing to something,” said Darrell Bricker, CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs, pointing to the majority disapproval of a pension or perks for Payette.

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“When you get to 80 per cent, you’re basically representing everybody. So this is not a partisan type of issue. There’s a very strong consensus amongst the Canadian population.”

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