New Wolfe Island ferry could cause traffic jams in downtown Kingston, Ont.


Posted March 8, 2023 9:19 am 2:18 New Wolfe Island ferry could cause major traffic jams in Kingston, Ont. The Ministry of Transportation plans to launch the new Wolfe Island ferry before the larger dock is built which could lead to traffic jams in downtown Kingston. Concerns continue to mount around the Ontario Ministry of Transportation’s plan to get the Wolfe Islander IV ferry into service this spring. Internal documents from the MTO, obtained by Global News, indicate that docking the larger ferry at the existing dock could cause major traffic jams in the downtown.The ministry confirmed to global news last week that it plans to have the new Wolfe Islander IV in service this spring, before construction of the larger dock to accommodate the new vessel is finished. The existing 55-car ferry already causes some delays.“The street light that is in Kingston, which is about 100 yards from the ferry dock — we have to get through about three sequences of that in order to get the people off the ferry while others are waiting to get on,” says Jon Kelly, who has a cottage on the island. Story continues below advertisement The new ferry will accommodate 75 vehicles with the same limited space between the ramp and the Ontario Street traffic light. Trending Now “I can’t imagine that they wouldn’t be spilling out onto the downtown Kingston streets because there won’t be enough to absorb all the cars in that parking lot,” Kelly said.Traffic at the intersection is just one concern that stood out to Kelly from the MTO internal memos he received as part of a freedom of information request, which outlined issues surrounding the launch of the new ferry this spring.Frontenac Islands Township Mayor Judy Greenwood Speers says it’s a clear example of how the MTO needs to improve its planning process.“They’ve had 47 years to discuss very seriously with the city of Kingston, that we need to have a longer light,” Greenwood Speers says.The MTO meets with the city and other stakeholders every month to provide an update. The next meeting is scheduled for March 15. Story continues below advertisement While the director of transportation for the city, Ian Semple, was unable to speak about any traffic concerns ahead of that meeting, he says overall communication with the MTO has been good.“The MTO has always been an open and willing partner, I think, in sharing any communication and information,” he says.Whether the spring launch will impact the traffic at the intersection remains to be seen, but Kelly and the Frontenac Islands Mayor say the MTO needs to step up its communication with island residents. &copy 2023 Global News, a division of Corus Entertainment Inc. Sponsored content Flyers

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