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Natalia Bryant Smiles In Sweet Selfie Wearing A Custom Weasley Family Sweater From Harry Potter

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Does this mean Natalia Bryant will forego USC for Hogwarts? Kobe Bryant’s daughter showed off her custom ‘Harry Potter’ sweater, and it was so authentic, it looked like she raided Rupert Grint’s closet!

All Natalia Bryant needs now is an owl, a Nimbus 2000, and a turn under the Sorting Hat. The 18-year-old daughter of Kobe Bryant showed off a gift from her mother, Vanessa Bryant, on Feb. 11, posing in her custom-made Weasley Family sweater, as seen in the Harry Potter movies. “Ahhh, thank you [Vanessa],” Natalia captioned the mirror selfie, her smile as wide as the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets. “Does this make me a Weasley Now?” Natalia asked before adding, “Happy Christmas, Harry.”

Many of Natalia’s 2.3 million followers expressed their jealousy – and surprise at her Harry Potter fandom – in the comments. “The best caption.” “what’s your favorite harry potter movie???” “OMGG Jealouss!!” added Lilly J. Collins, while Martha Hunt added, “Gorgeouss” “You’re now my favorite Weasley, sorry Ron.” Omg Nani! I’ve always wanted to know this. What house are you in?”

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That’s a good question. After all, Natalia has a major decision to make, and it’s not if she’s going to get a wand with a Unicorn or a Dragon core. Natalia’s about to head off to college, and her followers are curious about which school she’s going to pick. Vanessa, 38, has shared pictures of her daughter wearing clothing for New York University and the University of Southern California. While NYU is “one of [Natalia’s] top schools,” per Vanessa, her mother would prefer that she stays in the Golden State. “I will do my best to keep her in Cali, like I kept her daddy here.” Natalia was also recently accepted into the University of Oregon, so Natalia might become a Duck.

Or, she might take a gap year and become the next big name in modeling. Amid all the speculation about schooling, Natalia signed a deal with IMG Models, one of the biggest agencies in the world. Vanessa shared the news on her Instagram page at the start of February. Vanessa reposted a statement from her daughter on the signing: “I have always been interested in fashion since a very young age. I have a love for the industry, and ever since I can remember I wanted to model. There is a lot to learn, but I feel this is a great opportunity for me to learn and express myself creatively.” Along with this, the proud mother added, “I’m so happy for you! I love you, Nani!”

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