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Friday, October 22, 2021

Multiple arrests made, tickets issued at rowdy Halifax street party

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Halifax Regional Police had a busy night breaking up a massive downtown street party, after a flood of complaints came from neighbours in a residential street near Dalhousie University.

Social media posts show crowds of young people on Jennings Street on Saturday evening. At one house, a large banner hung from a balcony read ‘Relax we are double vaxxd (sic).’

In a release, police say officers found thousands of people partying in the street.

Halifax police say they responded to multiple noise complaints last night on Jennings Street in Halifax for a large out of control party with thousands of people in the street. Police arrested 9 adult males and 1 adult female for Public Intoxication. pic.twitter.com/UCelwz0lv2

— Jesse Thomas (@jessethomasHFX) September 26, 2021

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Officers ended up arresting 10 men and one woman for public intoxication. Numerous tickets were also issued for illegal possession of open liquor.

Police say they are continuing to investigate the incident and expect to hand out even more tickets.

A neighbour told Global News officers came around to homes in the area on Friday to say that a party was being planned on social media. The neighbour says the area has many families and seniors, alongside students, and the so-called homecoming parties have been a problem every September.

In previous years prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, homecoming weekend parties on the street have resulted in arrests and neighbourhood meetings between residents and the university.

In response, Dalhousie chipped in to fund additional police patrols and launched a “multi-initiative plan.”

1:49 Off-campus homecoming party leaves Dalhousie with serious hangover

Off-campus homecoming party leaves Dalhousie with serious hangover – Oct 16, 2017 In an email to Global News, a Dalhousie University spokesperson said the school had sent a memo to students on Friday letting students know the school was “aware that large unsanctioned parties were being planned off campus in the coming days.”

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“We reminded students that we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic with rising case numbers, and large student gatherings on or off campus pose a significant risk to our community, to our neighbours and to each other,” wrote Janet Bryson.

The university says students who break the law are also at risk of being sanctioned by the university through their code of student conduct.

Nova Scotia is currently in Phase 4 of its COVID-19 reopening plan, and the gathering limit outdoors for an “informal social gathering” is 50 people without masks and social distancing.

— with files from The Canadian Press and Jesse Thomas

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