Massive Dinosaur Statue Makes Ohio Home Look Prehistoric


A dinosaur still roams the Earth outside of a house in Cleveland.The property, listed at $162,000 on Zillow, is equipped with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a number of animal statues that stand tall in the front yard. These include the 12-foot dinosaur, a giraffe and an elephant.The home is far from “Jurassic Park,” however, as the dinosaur didn’t hatch from an egg in the front yard.Harry Larweh, a Ghana-born sculptor, is the home’s current owner and the mind behind the hand-crafted beasts.The statues are just some of the various artificial creatures he’s made for his art studio, Krafts Exotika. The studio offers custom furniture and hardwood crafts.Harry Larweh has showcased a number of his art pieces on the Facebook page of his studio, Krafts Exotica.Courtesy of Harry Larweh | Krafts ExotikaLarweh plans to move back to his native country after over a decade of living in Cleveland, he told HuffPost. He still plans to be involved in “something artistic” as he prepares for his upcoming move.The artist typically uses mahogany from Ghana and brought the wood to the U.S. to make sculptures. He installed his first animal statue, a giraffe, inside his home in 2018.“I [made] it inside before bringing it to the front yard,” Larweh said.“It was no fun moving that in; it was very, very heavy. I needed the help of a friend.”A glimpse of a high-rise animal sculpture inside Harry Larweh’s home. Larweh is leaving Cleveland to return to Ghana, his native country.Courtesy of Randee Pollarine | WindowStillLarweh’s biggest creation, his dinosaur statue, replaced another giraffe statue and joined the lawn animals in 2021. That giraffe statue was “killing” a nearby Japanese maple tree, according to Larweh, so the artist had to “demolish” it.Harry Larweh, the owner of the Ohio home, said locals have been delighted by his art.Courtesy of Harry Larweh | Krafts ExotikaLarweh’s home has been on the market since Friday, he said. Facebook page Zillow Gone Wild posted the listing Sunday evening and, as expected, people were quick to joke about the home.“The interior needs more dinosaurs. If you’re gonna have dinos, HAVE DINOS,” wrote one person.“If I’m buying a Jurassic house, it better come with [Jeff Goldblum],” another quipped.“I’m surprised by the attention,” Larweh said. “I just wanted to make a [front yard] people could relate to, especially the younger ones.”

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