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Lululemon sues Peloton for selling ‘copy-cat products’

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By Staff The Canadian Press

Posted November 30, 2021 12:44 pm

Lululemon Athletica Canada Inc. is suing exercise equipment company Peloton Interactive Inc. over allegations of patent infringement.

The Vancouver-based athletic apparel retailer claims in court documents that Peloton is selling “knock-off” Lululemon bras and leggings, infringing on multiple design patents.

The lawsuit filed on Monday in a U.S. court comes after Peloton ended a co-branding agreement with Lululemon earlier this year and launched its own private label clothing brand, Peloton Apparel, in September.

Lululemon alleges Peloton is selling “copy-cat products” that imitate several of the retailer’s best-selling designs, including a pair of workout pants and a popular strappy sports bra.

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The company says in court documents it initially sent Peloton a cease-and-desist letter, laying out its concerns with the exercise equipment maker’s “blatant misappropriation.”

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Lululemon says Peloton requested an extension to respond to those allegations, but then used the delay to “secretly prepare its own complaint and pre-empt the lawsuit that Lululemon had so clearly threatened.”

Last week, Peloton sued Lululemon, asking a U.S. Federal Court to declare that it has not infringed on Lululemon patents.

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