Israel: Netanyahu family security transferred to Shin Bet


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The move comes after Sara Netanyahu was blocked by protesters from leaving a hair salon in Tel Aviv

The Ministerial Committee for Shin Bet Affairs approved on Sunday the transfer of responsibility for the security of the Prime Minister’s family members from the Magen unit (security department in the prime minister’s office) to the Shin Bet domestic security agency.

The committee was convened following incidents last week during a nationwide day of protests against judicial reforms. Around 2,000 protesters gathered outside a hair salon where the prime minister’s wife was at the time, preventing her from leaving, while chanting “Shame, shame” and “The country is burning and Sara is getting a haircut.”

After three hours of siege, security forces intervened to evacuate Sara Netanyahu out of the premises and bring her to safety.

After the incident, Prime Minister Netanyahu accused “the anarchists led by Yair Lapid” of having “crossed new red lines” by harassing and threatening his wife. Sara Netanyahu herself called for “an end to lawlessness,” saying the incident could have “ended in murder.”

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