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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Images show man clinging to side of U.S. aircraft amid scramble to flee Afghanistan

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TORONTO — As thousands of Afghans made desperate efforts to flee Kabul amid the Taliban advance, a video shot by someone clinging to the side a U.S. aircraft has surfaced, showing just what it was like in the moments before the plane took off.

The video has been corroborated by Storyful, a news and social media verification agency.

At least seven people died in the chaos at the airport on Aug. 16, said U.S. officials. It’s not clear from the video what became of the person who recorded the video.

Man clings to side of U.S. aircraft

This image shows a person clinging onto a U.S. military aircraft as it departs the airport in Kabul.

Military plane departs Kabul airport

People run along side U.S. aircraft

As the military plane attempted to depart, dozens of people chased it down the runway, some attempting to grab a hold of whatever they could. (Verified UGC via AP)

Crowds at the Kabul airport

Crowds at the Kabul airport

These satellite images show the size of the crowd at the Kabul airport. (2021 Maxar Technologies via AP)

Afghan citizens inside U.S. military plane

Afghan citizens are seen packed inside a U.S. Air Force C-17 Globemaster III on their way out of the country. It is uncertain if this is the same aircraft seen in the above images and video. (Capt. Chris Herbert/U.S. Air Force via AP)

People gather at Kabul airport

Hundreds of people gather near a U.S. Air Force C-17 transport plane at a perimeter at the international airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, Monday, Aug. 16, 2021. (AP Photo/Shekib Rahmani)

U.S soldiers stand guard at Kabul airport

U.S soldiers stand guard along a perimeter at the international airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, Monday, Aug. 16, 2021. (AP Photo/Shekib Rahmani)

Taliban fighters guard the road to Kabul airport

As thousands of people packed onto the tarmac on Aug. 16, Taliban fighters began to stand guard on the road to the airport. (AP Photo/Rahmat Gul)

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