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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Bring on the good news

We want to make Current Times a new and unconventional news media that takes a bright sided approach to news reporting. We are searching to strengthen and to help promote society’s awareness of a positive mindset by emphasizing positive news from Canada and elsewhere around the world.

Would you believe if we told you that the world is a more peaceful place today than it has ever been before? Probably not. Most are convinced of the opposite.

As a society, we have gotten used to the media reporting wars, poverty, and corruption. So saying that we live in a more peaceful world than we ever have before, sounds like nonsense, but that is the case. Our world is at a historical peak of positive progress in many areas, but the good news rarely reaches us.

Society is waking up and becoming aware of the importance of things such as mental health and how news can affect our mental health. The flow of information in modern times comes to us at unprecedented speed, and most of us are connected more or less 24/7.

The fact is that positive and supportive news has sunken under the vast ocean of negative press and gotten lost in the daily magnitude.

At Current Times, we want to make it possible for you to have easy access to news that gives you inspiration, hope, and joy about our world.

We are searching for people willing to write positive news and articles about all the good and inspiring things that are going on in our great country. You don’t have to be a professional journalist, just to have the enthusiasm to bring some good news from your city or village or even from a company that is working on human friendly projects .

If you have sincere interest to participate in this project, please register here.

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