Friends of fallen Edmonton officer from N.S. remember him as ‘faithful’ husband, ‘loyal friend’


As displays of grief grow in Edmonton, a day after two city police officers were shot and killed on the job, a town in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley is also hurting.

Const. Travis Jordan, one of the officers killed, grew up in Coldbrook, N.S.

His friends say they are in disbelief, after talking to him only hours before his death.

“He was senselessly killed in the line of duty,” said Brodie Sampson. “Travis was the most dedicated husband, the most loyal friend, [and a] wonderful son to his parents.”

They say Jordan was the glue that held their friend group together.

“He was the most personable person you could ever meet,” said Paul Cyr. “The guy would give you his shirt off his back. It’s unfortunate that not everyone could’ve known him.”

Jordan graduated from Central Kings High School and pursued his dream of becoming a police officer. He and his wife Annie moved to Edmonton more than eight years ago.

“Annie is and was the love of life,” said Sampson. “He was so faithful to Annie and loved her so dearly. Every decision that he made was with Annie in mind.”

Jordan and Const. Brett Ryan were killed Thursday while responding to a family dispute at an apartment complex in Edmonton. Police say as the officers approached the unit in question, a 16-year-old came out and opened fire.

Police say they did not have time to return fire.

“He wasn’t given a fair fight,” said Sampson.

Jordan’s friends describe him as extremely competent.

“[He was] athletic. He was very quick, and he was often one of the fastest in all of the training drills,” said Sampson.

Multiple police sources tell CTV News Edmonton that the teen who shot the officers was involved in a shooting at a Pizza Hut days before.

Jordan’s family is now on their way to Edmonton. His two friends say they will likely follow in the days ahead.

“He’s definitely going to be missed by his friends and family,” said Cyr.

“Myself and Brodie, and Darcy, and all of his friends out here are definitely going to make sure that his mom, Judy, and his stepdad, Hubert, and [his] sister, Sheena, and all of his friends and family, are going to be supported and taken care of.”

Jordan’s friends tell CTV News Atlantic they’ve been in contact with the Edmonton Police Service and its chaplain. Decisions are being made about a police procession in Edmonton.

A police procession was held in Coldbrook on Thursday.

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