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Famed Dutch crime reporter De Vries dies after being shot

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AMSTERDAM — Celebrity Dutch crime reporter Peter R. De Vries has died just over a week after being shot in the street, his family and his employer Dutch RTL news said on Thursday.

De Vries, who was 64, had been both a frequent commentator on television crime programs and an expert crime reporter with sources in both law enforcement and the underworld.

The attack on a busy Amsterdam street prompted outrage across Europe.

“Peter fought till the end but wasn’t able to win this battle. He died surrounded by the people who loved him,” his family said in a statement published by RTL, the network who employed De Vries as crime reporter.

“He lived true to his motto: ‘On bended knee is no way to be free’,” his family said.

De Vries had received threats from the criminal underworld in the past in connection with several cases.

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