COVID-19 in Australia by the numbers: Week ending 3 March


19,500 cases were reported by states and territories this week, a 4.16% increase on the week prior.

It’s the highest weekly total for a month, with case numbers now increasing for three consecutive weeks.

Mortality figures, meanwhile, continue to decline, with the 101 deaths recorded this week the lowest since November last year.

Circulating variants continue to change across the country. In New South Wales, CH.1.1 and XBB.1.5 sublineages are predominant, while Victoria has seen “rapid growth” in the latter, although the XBF recombinant variant accounts for nearly a third of wastewater detections in that state and in South Australia.

COVID-19 in Australia

New South Wales

New cases reported:  7163 (6545 last week)
Deaths: 29 (47 last week)
Hospitalisations: 800 (818 last week)
ICU:  19 (18 last week)


New cases reported: 3016 (3052 last week)
Deaths: 23 (33 last week)
Hospitalisations: 104 (101 last week)
ICU: 4 (5 last week)


New cases reported: 4028 (3950 last week)
Deaths: 23 (26 last week)
Hospitalisations: 278 (234 last week)
ICU: 6 (8 last week)

Western Australia

New cases reported: 2390 (
Deaths: 8 (2 last week)
Hospitalisations: 69 (74 last week)
ICU: 0 (2 last week)

South Australia

New cases reported: 1700 (1777 last week)
Deaths: 13 (14 last week)
Hospitalisations: 35 (46 last week)
ICU: 1 (2 last week)


New cases reported: 622 (489 last week)
Deaths: 1 (2 last week)
Hospitalisations: 8 (9 last week)
ICU: 0 (0 last week)


New cases reported: 491 (525 last week)
Deaths: 4 (0 last week)
Hospitalisations: 9 (8 last week)
ICU: 8 (9 last week)

Northern Territory

New cases reported: 90 (106 last week)
Deaths: 0 (0 last week)
Hospitalisations: 3 (5 last week)
ICU: 0

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