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City of Saskatoon reviewing residential speed limits, looking for public feedback

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You may need to ease up on your gas pedal on Saskatoon residential streets, as the City is reviewing speed limits.

The City has been conducting neighborhood traffic reviews (NTRs) since 2013 and will present findings and strategies to the standing policy committee on transportation March 1.

“This review is really looking at how can we revise these speed limits within the residential areas of Saskatoon to improve road safety,” City of Saskatoon transportation director Jay Magus said.

The City may consider changing the current 50 km/h residential speed limits to 40 km/h or even 30 km/h. There could also be changes to speed limits in school zones, playground zones and areas with more seniors.

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According to the City, reduced speeds can improve reaction time and breaking distance, field of vision, and reduce collision severity.

While conducting NTRs, feedback was given from residents in every Saskatoon neighborhood. More people will be heard when an online survey is posted March 2.

Magus expects to hear a variety of opinions, which he said will be important in making decisions.

“We are interested in getting that feedback on what people think is appropriate and for sure if there’s nuances or if there’s things we’ve missed,” Magus said.

The online survey can be accessed until April 30.

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