A southeast neighbourhood’s resident bobcat, dubbed Bobbi, is on the road to recovery



A bobcat who sustained injuries after being trapped in a southeast Calgary neighbourhood is now on the road to recovery, according to Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation.

The animal sustained several injuries after getting caught in a trap in mid-January

Omar Sherif · CBC News


A bobcat is pictured with a cast on its left paw

Bobbi was caught in a trap in mid-January and it is still unclear if it was set up intentionally. (Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society )

Almost 45 days after she was found with a trap clamped to her paw, a bobcat nicknamed Bobbi by local residents, is on the road to a full recovery.

Over the past month, the Calgary feline, which had been seen wandering the southeast neighbourhood of Chaparral, has been in the care of Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society, where she was tended to for her injuries, including her foot and teeth.

The not-for-profit organization is hopeful that the bobcat’s treatment phase is now behind her and that she’ll move into a full recovery and assessment stage.

“She’s doing well, she’s had three surgeries, the third surgery was her final surgery,” said Melanie Whalen, director of wildlife care and services.

“The first surgery that they did, they were hoping that the trap didn’t cut the blood flow off from the actual bone, and that the bone would be able to come back from that.

“But it didn’t, unfortunately.”

Whalen said that all of the injuries that the bobcat sustained from the trap were across the front of her paw and it closed in behind her pad. They were able to keep the pad, but the bobcat did end up losing four toes on that paw.

She also had a fractured canine tooth that needed to be removed, likely caused by gnawing at the trap.

a bobcat with a little orange cast laying down

The Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society captured the bobcat. They said she has come out of surgery and is resting. (Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society/Facebook)

“Bobbi” was familiar to residents of Calgary’s Chaparral neighbourhood. In mid-January, residents had spotted the bobcat limping around with the trap on her foot. 

At the time, an Alberta Fish and Wildlife officer said it was unclear if the bobcat was targeted or caught in the trap by accident. 

Now, Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation will be transferring the bobcat to a facility with an outdoor enclosure where they will monitor how she’s able to run, climb and hunt. 

“We have to do an assessment, there are animals that lose limbs and they’re quite fine in the wild,” Whalen said.

“Because she is a cat, and relies so heavily on those front claws, we will have an assessment.”

Based on the assessment, it will be determined whether Bobbi can be released back into her territory. She may also be taken to a sanctuary or something like it.

“We’ve got another three weeks, probably three weeks to a month before we know, before we can make that final assessment,” Whalen said.

There is still no information on who set the trap and whether it was intentional.


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With files from Jonathon Sharp and Colleen Underwood

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